Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sunrises or Sunsets

Dear Self,

Would you rather see a sunrise or a sunset? Obviously I know my answer, but let's consider the options. A sunrise holds the promise of a new day, the rays of light coming to warm the morning parallels my own life as I embark on the journeys before me. I don't know what the day will be like, it might be as dismal as a bad grade on an exam, the endless trudging through endless piles of work, or the searing pain that comes from looking at a computer screen all day. But then it might also be the joy of seeing friends and family and sharing in their pain or laughter or joy, it might be looking forward to overcoming a challenge and celebrating a victory no matter how big or little, and hopefully the new day will come with the expectation of giving and receiving love.

How about a sunset? A sunset says that the day is done, productivity can stop, it's time to rest (or party). You can look at the orangeish, redish, glow and see that you've journeyed through another period of time and experienced good and bad. When you see a sunset you know that you are done or will be done soon and sleep eventually beckons you to rest before a new challenge begins. But for the duration of that beautiful burnt sky, you can celebrate the end of the wick.

Personally, I am a sunrise person. I love the promise of a new day and the challenges that lie before me. My life isn't a succession of fluffy white clouds, candy, and pin wheel lollipops; I wish it were. But, the challenges and the people that I share my life with stir my heart in the morning. As the sun stirs the peacefulness of the night and brings the world to life.

Would you rather see a sunrise or a sunset?

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Emerald said...

Major toss up! Is it really either/or? Can I choose both/and?? There's something about waiting for the world to wake up with those few minutes of peace and solitude before the dawn. However, I think about the sunsets I experienced that were breath-taking in Hawaii or Paris. Sunsets have always brought on a kind of peace that you know there is something greater out there that will watch over as you sleep.