Friday, January 21, 2011

A mission statement of sorts

Dear Self,

I consider my self to be a deep person. I'm not smart or wise but I enjoy thinking about the deeper issues in life. There's a lot of fodder in this grand world of ours to occupy my tiny mind. There are many wonders that are too great for me to know about, but I can't help but to think about them and form an opinion.

We live in a huge world with over 6 billion neighbors. And every one of them has their own desires and passions, something to drive their body, move their spirit, and fill their mind. Every one has the capacity to move and think and feel.

It is this individuality, that I am seeing from my own viewpoint which is shaped by my surroundings, that I want to explore in this blog. Not to just write my thoughts but allow them, and my passions to direct my life. I hope that you will not only open your minds but also your hearts and join me in exploring...

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